We would like you to join us during the annual square dance convention. We would be humbled if you stay and attend the Annual Meeting which will be held on Friday, 2nd November.

Among the delicacies we will have will be a veggie tray, pizza, and chips. How about you come with snacks and desserts for the table? See you then.

Square Dancing for Fitness, Fun, and Fellowship

The 67th Annual Dance Convention is a place where you can come to square dance. We are proud to be among the most significant clubs with hundreds of members.

Our Mission

We aim to nurture the art of square dancing. Also, we strive to improve the skills of our dancers while sharply focusing on the promotion and expansion of square dancing in the community. We can achieve our mission by offering education and guidance in both a fun and friendly manner, click here for more guidance on home and garden topics. We also create a welcoming environment for anyone willing to be a part of us.

We have skilled and experienced instructors who are more than willing to share their knowledge. Each month, we get notable callers all over the country and all over the world who are eager to be part of us. Others call to congratulate and encourage us.

Square Dance News

Square Dancing

Essay Writing Ideas for Square Dancing – Fun Facts

The world holds so many interesting things to write about, ranging from culture and traditions to nature and the sciences. Speaking from experience or how diving into uncharted territories can be great topics for essay writing, culture is an interesting topic to write about, most especially when it is a culture different from yours. The scope of culture can range to practices, tradition, food, art, and also dance. Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of art. It utilizes the human body to communicate and express through movement with the accompaniment of music. Almost all cultures have dance incorporated ...
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Dance School Website

Tips to Make Your Own Dance School Website

With the dance studio world growing tremendously, more and more dance schools are going online in order to influence potential clients. If you’re a studio owner yourself, you need to create a website that will give insight to your website hosting business and the programs that you offer. Here are some tips to help you create your own dance school website that will facilitate your web presence. Create Informative Content When creating your dance school website, create content with the customer in mind. Your content should be informative, professional, and accurate. The best dance school websites are customer-centric and provide ...
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Fun Reasons Why You Should Date a Dancer

If you’ve been hounding a lot of Craigslist Personals alternatives for quite some time, you will have learned how to match potential dates with your views, interests, and hobbies. Or, you could totally go for a date with a different personality! That would certainly make for an interesting meet-up. If you visit here, there are high chances that you will meet a dancer. If this happens, you’ll be putting on just more than dancing shoes because dancers have more interesting moves that you can fathom. You can end up having a great time for so many reasons so consider dating ...
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Marijuana Affect a Dancer's Performance

How Can Marijuana Affect a Dancer’s Performance?

How Can Marijuana Affect a Dancer's Performance? As people pushed the limits to legalize the use of marijuana, it is becoming vulgar that cannabis is indeed essential to supplement certain human needs. Athletes in all aspects of sports have been reportedly using marijuana to exert optimum efforts to achieve overall performance. On the other hand, it is still a debate whether dancers will gain the same results with this marijuana detox pill review as what some athletes do. Cannabis as compared to other recreational medicines can produce different boost effects. For dancers who are starting to have intensive training for ...
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Dancing Studios

Why Background Checks Are Required for Dancing Studios

Whether you are a dance teacher, assistant, choreographer, backstage helper, or cheerleading coach, it is vital that you know that the studio or company you’re working in is thoroughly checked by TruthFinder Review: Is The Background Check Actually Accurate? (2019) like services. Indeed, it’s important to know why this is so. Many, without even becoming aware, are just working in studios just because of the pay, but little did these dancers know that there is a risk when the studio they’re working in is not properly checked. Indeed, background checks help reveal information that will help you know if you’re ...
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Dancing and dating

Lessons You Learn in Dancing that You Can Apply in Dating

Although the two looks like miles apart, dancing and dating can actually be inter-related and go together. There is a kind of dancing that only involves one person. Let’s just talk about the موقع زواج مجاني بالكامل and kind of dance that involves two people so that we can easily compare and apply it into dating. If you are not into dancing and are utterly unconvinced of having dance lessons, then you better think twice. Learning how to dance will give you the basic foundation that you will probably need to enjoy the dance floor at parties and social dances ...
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Creating Relevant Dance Blog Content For Guest Posting

There are numerous dance-related topics you can write about, and there are many different websites out there looking for relevant dance blog content to post on their website. This has led to rising of Big Guest Posting services that help to improve brand visibility. By now, you’re most probably aware of the steps involved in guest posting on websites. If you do, the next step is generating the right content. Here is a guide to creating relevant dance blog content for a guest post. Identifying Your Target Site Editors are always looking out for fresh ideas and creative posts. As ...
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Mining Cryptocurrencies by Dancing

When Bitcoin came out in the year 2009, it slowly started gaining popularity as a safer payment alternative as compared to the usual third-party payment processing. Of course, people started to contribute to the development of the system that holds Bitcoin known as the blockchain ledger. From there, Bitcoin miners who are contributors to the system sprung out. In exchange for maintaining the system, they receive Bitcoins from the mining rigs. The fun part is that cryptocurrencies have been integrated into some gaming platforms and it becomes the cheapest place to buy gold in a very short period of time ...
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Appropriate Dress Codes for Different Dance Classes

Every occasion demands a particular dress code, and some are more demanding than the others. You may not realize it, but in your daily life, you pick a dress code even for the smallest activities. For instance, what you wear alone at home is not the same as what you wear for a dinner date, office party or even a family party. In some of the instances, you go an extra mile and throw in custom t shirt printing maybe for a family or group of friends. Dance classes are one of such situations that require dress codes. Let’s take ...
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Types of Iconic and Historical Dance Costumes

Dance costumes are extremely important details of any form of dance. It is not only a representation of any kind of dance during a particular period but also an instrument for creativity that enriches the story told by way of dancing. stitch fix was not much costly but it was all manual work. Know more about how much stitch fix actually cost comparatively these days. In this article, you will learn the different kinds of iconic dance attires which play a big part in the history of dance. In that ancient days, Belly-Dance Costume The costume most linked with belly ...
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