Hello, and welcome to the 67th National Square Dance Convention. Our convention integrates fun and fellowship for leaders and dancers across the globe. The National Square Dance Convention is an event conducted every year in a different city. The city chosen to hold the convention depends on a bid presented at the convention.

Our members

Our convention comprises members who devote their expertise, time, and energy to come up with the best Square Dance convention. You can check where and when the next dance convention will be and join us.

What the convention does

Our convention offers an extensive education Programme through seminars, workshops, and panels. The convention is also inclusive of dancing, fashion shows, exhibitions, special events, and so much more. Thus, people across the world including leaders make time annually to attend our dance convention.

Necessary Information about our committee members

67 Years ago, a square dance was organized. It was named the National Square Dance Convention. The square dancing was a success, and the majority wanted it to be held again the next year. An executive committee was formed to oversee the running of the convention.

Every year, there is a National Square Dance Convention held. It is hosted by a different city each year. The town selected for hosting has to ready a hotel, where members of the committee will stay during the convention.