New artists who are starting out will likely find the art market to be a daunting place. These days, it’s nearly impossible to connect with Rybolovlev Bouvier, collectors and dealers, and if you luckily connect with them, they might not engage you or show interest unless they already know you.

Moreover, there is a whole lot of foreign lexicon that has a “primary market” and sometimes, an even more discouraging “secondary market”. Consignment agreements and commission structures are also included in the foreign lexicon which makes it difficult for a new artist to decode.

Fortunately, many online platforms offer international art buying and selling services to artists. Some of them are common e-commerce sites that rely on an intermediary while others offer artists an opportunity to sell their work directly to their buyers. This presents new artists with a difficult situation of choosing which one is worth their time and money.

To solve such issues, we have prepared these genuine and promising sites to help you navigate through the world of e-commerce as an artist:

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is one of the best and biggest online galleries. It has an iPhone app, comprehensive tools, an online manual, and an updated blog that features emerging artists.

The site has attracted more than 60,000 artists with a volume of about 500,000 artworks. Prices range between $125-$100,000 for uniques and $40 for prints.

The application process is easy and free as it only requires you to create a profile, upload your artwork, and wait for approval from the curators. You will receive 65% of your art sale proceeds.


Artfinder is branded as an art dating site that uses personal shoppers and AI technology.  It has attracted more than 10,000 artists with a volume of over 300,000 artworks.

Prices range from $13 to slightly above $11 million. Artists earn 65% from the sale proceeds. Application is free as you are only required to create a profile and upload your artwork accompanied by your pricing and shipping plan.


The platform has a podcast, studio management software, and an e-gallery. Price ranges from $100 to over $5000 while artists earn 70% from their sale proceeds.


Ugallery only accepts original artworks. It does not accept uneditioned prints or posters. Currently, it has over 500 artists with over 700 artworks. Prices range from $75 to about $17000.

The site charges an application fee of $5 and the artists receive 50% of the sale proceeds.

Absolut Art

The platform offers signed and framed artworks through collaboration with artists. It has over 150 artists with over 400 artworks.

Prices range from $105 to about $3065 and artists receive 50% of the sale proceeds. The selection process is rigorous and, therefore, it is not guaranteed that you will get in just because you applied.

Tappan Collective

The platform was created specifically for emerging artists to give them a platform to sell their artwork. It has attracted 56 artists with over 1300 artworks.

Prices range from $15 for zines to about $12,000 for uniques. The artists’ pay is not disclosed.

Final Thoughts

Online platforms are ideal for emerging artists who want to make a buck from selling their artworks. However, it is good to be well-informed about each platform before you venture into one of them to avoid losing your artwork or making losses.

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