In May, Camilla Engstrom, a painter, took a video of herself dancing while using the tripod she bought mainly for her art project. While recording herself, she danced herself out with a reggae music background and with her jeans splattered all over by paint. You can hier klicken for more information.

Her dance moves were made- up, very real, and silly. She turned around with her hair all over her face. She did what she wanted to do as if she was the only person at home. She then started to upload her videos on Instagram.

The Public Reaction

To her surprise, her post received more likes than her daily typical artwork posts. From then on, she decided to post at least one video a week while she has the time to be alone from her roommate.

In reality, Engstrom isn’t the only woman in the world to post videos of dancing freely in the bedroom. Years before Engstrom posted her recordings, other women, even famous ones such as Alexandra Marzella, Laurel Pantin, and Emily Holland, did the same thing. Since then, this strange phenomenon has become a popular genre on Instagram.

Bringing Back a Trend for Women

These women danced like nobody was watching them. However, many people were watching them on their social media accounts. More and more women displayed their own awkward yet appealing dance recordings at home on Instagram. This resulted in some brands making a version of their own.

One example is the Miista, which is a company of shoes. They peculiarly made their model dance while wearing all black alongside a white wall with a shining red heel placed on the woman’s back. Another example is Ilana Kohn, who started to send some of her designer clothes for Engstrom to wear on her recordings.

The Realities of These Videos

The noticeable thing about these videos is the reality that they were created by women who were lean, beautiful, and attractive. The videos they produce that are purposefully unchoreographed. However, some are taken multiple times before being displayed to followers who are prospects for likes.

Engstrom expressed that she is frightened in some way of posting her videos. According to her, she can’t display her true self as she usually does online. She is guilty of showing her life as flawless on social media.

What to Expect for the Future

So far, Engstrom has made more than a hundred videos showing her silly yet appealing dance steps. She is continuing her work and even has a feeling of the need to level up the intimacy of her videos. Engstrom states that she wants to share more. The next thing she desires to show on her videos is her singing, even if it scares her as she finds her voice terrifying to her ears. She wants to record it and know what it is like to sing while recording a video for sharing. She wants to test if her followers will appreciate her new videos.

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