Looking to equip your dance studio with smarter and bigger speakers and sound systems? I know you’ve personal preferences you cannot afford to neglect, and only the Alpine Halo9 iLX-F309 review can woo you. Whichever the size of your dance studio, here are the best 5 dance studio speakers that can make your studio more user-intent and productive.

1.    The Bose S1 Pro System Speakers

Want rugged and portable dance studio sound speakers that produce clear and loud sounds without compromising the quality, the Bose S1 Pro speakers are a great choice. These wireless Bluetooth-enabled dance studio speakers have a range of inputs for microphones and musical instruments. Its wireless connection can extend up to 9 meters away, so you can hook it up to your laptop, tablet or even smartphone. The built-in sensors and aiming positions allow for optimal sound production, while the EQ buttons ensure the production of clearer and quality tones.  The recharge lithium-ion battery is powerful enough to give not less than 10 hours of optimal sound performance.

2.    The Harman Kardon Onyx Sound Speakers

The Onyx sound speakers from Harman Kardon, one of the world’s reputable manufacturers of music systems are another great choice. These speakers are wireless-enabled and come with a rechargeable battery that can last for up to 8 hours. The speakers are capable of producing 50W of audio power at frequency rates of 50Hz to 20 kHz. The sound speakers have uniquely designed and beautiful round silhouette fabric cover, which adds to their overall beauty.

3.    JBL EON612 2 Way Speakers

The JBL EON612 2 Way speakers are optimized to be user-friendly and durable. They are manufactured using an exclusive injection molding technique and mechanical shaping. The clarity and superiority of sound quality are guaranteed, thanks to the unique JBL waveguide technology. The speakers are Bluetooth-enabled meaning you can play music right from any Bluetooth enabled device, be it a smartphone, laptop, or TV.  It’s good to note that you can seamlessly adjust the master volume, recall user presets, and set the 5-way EQ settings using the Bluetooth-connected device.

4.    The Peachtree Audio Deepblue Speakers

These are other amazing additions to your dance studio. Characterized by a 6.5 subwoofers and 3-way speaker system, these studio speakers generate deep and impact bass. They have two 3-inch mid-range drivers and two 1-inch tweeters that alongside the woofers generate natural and cool music that meets all the qualities of a low-pitched and high-pitched tone. The speakers have an in-built 440 watts amplifier for creating the crisp clear and edible music you desire from high-end dance studio speakers. Its Bluetooth connectivity is so strong that it can link up to 5 devices within a range of 75 meters. The speakers have both analog and digital inputs and smart volume adjustment buttons to allow for easy control.

5.    The QSC K8.2 Active Speakers

The list of the best high-dance studio speakers cannot be complete without mentioning the QSC K8.2 active speakers. The speakers come with a 2000watts Class D amplifier module, capable of generating a crisp clear sound fit for almost every room size. The sound speakers also include other advanced features like factory presets, recallable scenes, multi-functional digital display, and lots of control loudspeaker functions. Users have the option of selecting from a variety of EQ settings and song choices based on personal preferences.

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