Just when I thought that portable personal amplifiers were only helpful to people who have hearing impairments, an idea sparked into my mind the moment someone asked me here if portable personal amplifiers can be used to elaborate the sound of a caller’s voice at a noisy dance floor.

If you think about it, a portable personal amplifier such as the Williams Sound PockeTalker can actually help you hear the caller in a noisy dance floor setting. With this, you can keep your moves in line with the music that is played and impress your partner with your moves.

The Solution PockeTalker Offer

Among other audio devices, the Williams Sound PockeTalker is a great listening device that will assist its user in a loud dance hall. It’s good to have one for yourself if you want to enjoy your dancing experience as most dance halls don’t offer this kind of audio device.

The PockeTalker specially features with a unit that you can attach to your belt with the microphone fastened to it. It is used to pick up and amplify the sound of your surroundings into the headset.

Moreover, this device offers several different kinds of earphones or headsets that will cater to different people with different tastes. Whether you want earbuds or rear headsets, this device will provide you with what you desire for your convenience.

Which Williams Sound PockeTalker will you choose?

There are 2 types of William Sounds PockeTalker: the Williams Sound PockeTalker Pro and the Williams Sound PockeTalker Ultra.

The Williams Sound PockeTalker Pro loudens sound close to the one who is listening while decreasing the background noise. This device is ideal not only on the dance floor but also during one on one conversations, discussions within a small group, or listening to the television. Plus, it can be used with or without the use of hearing aids. You just have to plug the earpiece into your ears, place the microphone to where you want to hear the sound, adjust the sound to your desired volume, and begin listening.

The Ultra, on the other hand, is the newer version of the PockeTalker Pro. It has a thin design that simulates a small cellphone. It is very easy to use and is user-friendly as it is designed ergonomically. Plus, it is lightweight and is very ideal for elderly people who want to dance without having to worry about carrying something heavy within their pockets.

The PockeTalker Ultra carries AAA batteries that last longer compared to the AA batteries that Pro carries.

You can choose several headset designs such as earbuds, folding and back-wear headphones, ear lips, or even a neck loop that is purposefully designed for those who have hearing aids. Moreover, both devices can be connected to your television.

When choosing the PockeTalker you want to during your dancing sessions, you should consider what your dancing style is. If you plan to dance like there is no tomorrow, you should go for the sturdier PockeTalker Pro. On the other hand, If you just want to dance simply and lightly, then go for the PockeTalker Ultra.

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