No, each member has to pay their way to the convention.

Each convention is planned for separately. Therefore, different convention location is of separate financial entities. They are organized under the laws of the state where that year’s meeting is held. Thus, depending on the status of the corporation., excess funds or profits are used to support future conventional activities.

The objectives of the convention are to promote square dancing. It aims to present square dancing to enthusiasts all over the world as a source of joy and recreation.

Yes. We can proudly say that the convention is among the most successful social gatherings across the world. The best thing about the convention is that it is planned by volunteers and people with little experience. They devote their time and effort, and the 4-day convention ends up being successful.

Well, the square dance convention isn’t a festival. The organization usually has an opportunity to invite dancers from across the world to share dancing, community, and hospitality in the city. It requires dedication and hard work.

The Square Dance Convention is a gathering of quite a large number of square dancers, country western dancers, folk dancers, cloggers, contra dancers, round dancers, cuers, leaders, suppliers, organizational officers. They all meet at a convenient location where they can discuss common objectives, exchange ideas, and try out new ideas and techniques. During the convention, all aspects of the square dance movement are presented.