The world seems smaller figuratively because of social media and instagram follower kaufen. It has such a wide reach that you can do more beyond communication only. One of these giant social media platforms is Instagram.

If you are a dancer and looking for ways to boost your market value, then utilizing Instagram is the way to go. There are lots of ways where you can reach a wider audience using Instagram. Here are some tips wherein you can leverage Instagram to promote your dance-related content.

  1. Content Creation

It’s all about the content. Obviously, there are tens of thousands of dancers who have similar goals as you; which is maximizing the potential of an Instagram following. Most of them might also have similar ways of presenting content. This is where you, not only present your dancing capabilities but also your creativity in showcasing your craft.

You can get various ideas from many good references and try to add flavors of your own. Video editing is an advantage and better camera equipment is favorable but nothing beats entertainment value.

  1. Interaction

As people will begin to like your content, they will leave comments and reactions. With that connection growing, they might attempt to ask intriguing questions and give suggestions for you to do.

This is an opportunity to build relationships with your growing fan base. There might be bandwagons, critiques, and secret haters waiting for you to slip up. Therefore, you must learn to exercise proper social media decorum since you are now an ‘influencer’. Focus on the positives and engage in them accordingly to maintain that relationship healthy.

  1. Repost Accounts

There are these so-called ‘feature accounts’ wherein some dancer’s image is shared on pages with a larger audience. To have your content reposted, you have to tag these pages in your images so that they can view them and decide whether to share those images on their feed or not. You might not want to rely too much on them since the choice is up to their preferences. However, it won’t hurt to try to impress them from time to time, right?

  1. Hashtags And Geotags

Hashtagging is using the hashtag symbol (#) on a word or phrase to add relevance to your post. This is so that it’s easy for you to be found when searched for. Geotagging is putting a location tag on your image in the place you took it. Together, they form a powerful combo for random people to stumble upon your content or search for it. This can expand your influence outside the intended audience.

  1. Instagram Stories

There is this feature called ‘Instagram Stories’ wherein you can post any image, video clip, or text for everyone to view within 24 hours after posting. Fans and casual followers will likely wait for your stories and view them for their entertainment. They will develop anticipation since the stories you share won’t last long.

  1. Consistency and Adaptability

You may have a signature style or a preferred way of doing things. If you are uploading content every day, make sure you bring lots of entertaining ideas and interactive methods for your audience. If not, then you have to pace yourself so that you won’t run out of things to share.

However, be also be mindful of your audience’s preferences. You might want to add some risks and twists from time to time so that you can give them a variety of content.


You are building your image on Instagram not just to gain popularity but also to obtain recognition from the dance companies and event productions for your work. When you reach your goal, you have to remember where you came from. Always acknowledge and appreciate your roots.

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