Nobody with an android phone might have experienced boredom while stuck at home during this pandemic? Why? As explained by a tiktok agency this is because scrolling thru it you will find a hundred and more things to do. Among them is a “mystery” app which addicted our millennials and Gen Z population – one of the fastest and most viral platform reaching 2 billion downloads in 2020 and which now competes with giants, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube – the TikTok!

What is this craze all about?

It is a Chinese social network that became popular in China as “Douyin” in September 2016. In 2017, it became viral worldwide under a new name TikTok. During this COVID19 crisis, people became addicted to it because it allows them to create videos as short as 15 to 60 seconds with various contents like dance challenges. Yes, dances which are fun, easy to learn, and will bring the dancer in you!

In the meantime, let us set aside other features it offers like lip-synching, singing, or just talking where you might be hooked on today. Let us be more curious about dancing that will help us exercise, sweat, and forget the virus scare by just staying at home. Get on board with 800 million people who use this app. Let us swiftly move with craze and confidence by following easy dance steps we have found for you!

Here are the best TikTok dance challenges you can do while stuck at home:


  • The most popular and notable dance with more than 29.7 million users.
  • Created by a 14-year-old Atlanta suburban girl Jalaiah Harmon
  • started on Instagram in September 2019

Say So

  • Probably the most simple that can be learned in two minutes
  • Created by Haley Sharpe originally posted in December 2019.
  • more than 500 videos to date


  • dance moves created by teenager Briana Hantsch,
  • Popularized by Kesha in 2009


  • Initially released as a song on 15 November 2019
  • popularized by born 20-year-old singer Benee from Auckland, New Zealand
  • There are now 3.7 million videos set to this song

I’m a Savage

  • the hottest dance of the season which allows costume change
  • Choreographed by 19-year-old Keara “Keke” Wilson from Ohio
  • created by user @keke.janajah,

Do I have your Attention

  • more of an athletic and gymnastics type of dance

Blinding Lights

  • glorious dance centered around a song by the Weeknd
  • created by user @macdaddyz
  • requires three family members to bounce along with the tune

There are a thousand dance challenges more if you google but the seven mentioned became the most viral. You see, most of them require just one person, the most is three. The short videos are created by young teens but they had also encouraged old folks to mimic their moves as well as the lyrics of the songs, Most popular users like Charli D’Amelio does great help by showing off several dance trends for people to learn them fast and well and be professional.

Admit it, from TikTok, you learned to dance well and creatively thru their challenges while stuck at home. And they helped people from all over unite thru dancing despite social distancing.

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