It is said that with dance, you can be more creative with A4 light box and thus gives you a creative outlook in regards to life. But have you ever wondered what art and dance are? Well, this article will give you a glimpse of the idea about it.

  • Art is a dynamic concept. It is a mixture of the human intellect and emotions, physical and spiritual thus, this means that arts’ meaning is not universal. It is not the same for everyone. We give meaning to it by exploring one’s self and position in the world. It also became a way to open dialogues between individuals and communities by exchanging with other people the characteristics we have observed through our senses.
  • Dance is an art. It allows the human body to express feelings, thoughts, and experiences by movement hence it belongs to the “performing arts”. Through this art, we actually show how free we are while keeping in mind the restrictions impose on it. We are all free in dancing whatever personal situation we are in.
  • Combining art and dance gives us one description that perfectly fits for it. Dance is an art form where human movements are used. It is our way of sensing, understanding, and communicating our own ideas, feelings, and experiences. Similar to drawing art, the artist uses the perfect drawing tools in creating the masterpiece hence in dancing, the dancer uses the perfect movement for their masterpiece in order to be understood.

Now, the question arises. Is the only reason why people dance is to express in a performing stage? Or perhaps dancing is actually an integral part of every human’s life.

  • People love to dance in ancient times to express their daily lives. During natural events, community gathering, at war and peace, changes in season – dance is always present. These moments were expressed through dances and this practice is passed down up to this generation.
  • Dance also becomes a way of learning. In this, one develops communication, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking abilities as well as bodily-kinesthetic abilities. Creation, performance, and response is the main goal of dance in the education system. Not only this but with dancing, one can also develop skills such as group-problem solving, understanding subjects as well as became a drawing tool to show bodily-kinesthetic intelligence of young people.
  • Activities in relation to dance also allows dancers to choose a variety of theme that makes it effective in dealing with different human behavior. It also integrates the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of education that gives impact to our life. It cultivates a person needed for the society because dance actually became a one way for holistic teaching.


Dance actually needs to be brought back in our daily lives together with sports, which is also considered as an art form. It is needed to be an integral part of both the formal and non-formal education systems. This will help in shaping the creativity of children, young people as well as adults. We all have creativity deep inside and are not just explored. One way to show it? Learn every principle behind it.

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