Dragonball Z is a famous manga that has been included in most of everyone’s childhood. It has been broadcasted on different TV stations worldwide. With the immortality of its fame, there are kids who still being hooked on the story and superpowers that Goku started. Dragonball Z is also one of the animes that affect and left a lot of supernatural ideas to many. It has also been one of the animes that were dubbed in different languages to be understood by the viewers well.

Fusion Dance is one of the techniques that Goku had introduced. If we will still remember it, Goku learned it after staying in the other world.

Guidelines in performing Fusion Dance

To fight the unforgettable Buu Saga in Dragon Ball Z, Gohan and Trunks became Earth’s hope. They needed to be one and combine their powers for them to surpass Buu’s power. Without further ado, here are the guidelines to successfully start the Fusion Dance:

Fusees or the participants must have an equal level, size, and from the same race.

The participants must be familiar with the traditional fighting poses.

A good imagination and visualization of water ballet is a must. They need to feel that they are two rivers flowing towards and approaching each other.

The “fusees” must be willing to equalize their powers to successfully become one.

Perfect timing must be observed throughout the performance of the technique.

Steps for Fusion Dance

As a result of water ballet and traditional fighting poses’ combination, it may look weird or unusual. However, if it is successfully performed, the strength of the “fusees” will become unremarkable. It also requires a step and technique to fully perform it.

 Straighten your arms in the opposite direction of your partner

A proper straightening of arms is necessary. Since this is the first step, the participants must also do it accordingly with perfect timing. In Dragonball Z, while performing the Fusion Dance, Gohan and Trunks also prolonged the word Fusion.

Tiptoe like a ballerina

This is where water ballet starts. Like a ballerina, the “fusees” should stand on their toes. They must have a good balance to successfully go to their partners.

Turn your arms clockwise to the direction of your partner

The changing of the arm’s position must also be done with perfect timing. This step must also be done with energy to start the technique.

Take 3 steps towards your partner

Still, while on the toes, the “fusees” must take 3 steps towards their partner. Again, proper balance and timing must still be observed.

Lift knees to form a number four (must be at the opposite side of each other)

The number four form must be seen with the perfect angle. As the participant lifts their knees, it must be done in slowly.

Turn the knees to your partner’s side

This step requires a sudden changing of the knee’s position. Their knees must now be facing each other.

Stretch your body sideward to touch each other’s fingers

Lastly, the “fusees” must stretch their bodies and touch each other’s pointing fingers. In Dragonball Z, Gohan and Trunks ended the technique with one chant. This may also affect the technique and help the “fusees” to become one.


The Fusion Dance is a combination of water ballet and traditional fighting poses. As Goku studied the technique, he was not able to successfully perform it at first try. Every guideline above must be followed accordingly. The steps must also be done with perfect timing. So now, find your perfect partner and do the Fusion Dance for fun!

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