Watching dance movies on Movies123 is infinitely enjoyable regardless of your ability to dance well. There’s just something about professional dancers grooving it out on the dance floor. Surprisingly, according to numerous research, aspiring dancers can enhance many skills not only useful in their performances but also in their personal life when watching movies that involve dancing.

Whether you prefer watching movies online or renting DVDs, you want to secure a copy of these five movies, especially if you’re a dancer:


The 1984 original version of the movie was so great that they made a remake in 2011. Both are evenly animated and packed with amazing dance numbers. Footloose is about Ren, a city boy who relocates to a small and quiet town where dancing and rock music are both prohibited.

However, together with his newfound friends who are also opposed to this regulation, they rebel and eventually become successful in changing the town’s perception. They emphasize that there is nothing to be scared about expressing oneself through dance and music; instead, it has a positive effect in uniting people.

Step Up 

Tyler, which is played by Channing Tatum, is a street hip-hop dancer who gets apprehended after vandalizing a performing arts school. As a result, he is sentenced to 200-hour community service in that same school. In there, he meets Nora who is a dedicated ballet student, and later on, romance blossoms between them.

Dancers can watch how various dancing styles and techniques can be merged, resulting in great chemistry. As long as the passion is there, all kinds of dancers will get along with each other to produce spectacular performances.

La La Land

It’s not just luck that La La Land broke the record in Golden Globes for most wins by a film with its 7 awards. It was released in 2016, and many performers fell in love with it. This movie is about an aspiring actress Mia and a rookie jazz pianist Sebastian who coincidentally meet in Los Angeles.

What makes this film on this list is its Broadway-like and fantastic ballroom scenes performed with a captivating original score bringing its viewers back to the old Hollywood dances.

First Position

First Position is a documentary film that exhibits the true-to-life situations happening in an esteemed ballet competition, the Youth American Grand Prix. Watch how six of its contestants from all over the world prepare and train for what might be a golden opportunity for their young and promising ballet careers.

Though it’s a very hard, excruciating, and exhausting journey, many have gained success and become a part of world-class ballet companies.

Center Stage

Center Stage shows the story of a crew of professional classical ballet dancers at the peak of their careers. While they are training for a spot in a highly regarded ballet company, they realize that getting a career means not just about having the perfect body or most talent, but it’s also always giving your best and dancing to your heart’s content regardless of the outcome.


These are the must-see movies for dancers of every style and age. Observe the dancers carefully and take note of their techniques, posture, and body alignment, then apply the things you like into your own dancing.

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