Dancing is an art and a way of life. If you love dancing and often do it during your leisure time, you need to find some mobile covers online for your phone from Blackbora.com in India to protect it as you learn to dance using the following dance apps that are compatible with both iOS and Android.

Pole Motion

This is a popular app best for learning pole dancing. Pole dancing is not a common favorite among aspiring dancers, but if it is your cup of tea, this app will get you started.

The app features a couple of warmup routines to prepare you for the main dancing. It might be dangerous or problematic for your muscles if you go straight to the dancing. Warming up gives you enough strength to your muscles.

Pole Motion gives you all the basic beginner moves, and as you progress, it teaches you the more advanced moves. It is available on iOS mobile devices.

Belly Dance Lessons

For those looking to sway their waist and belly like Shakira, this app is a must-have. The app will help you to move from a novice belly dancer to an expert.It includes tutorial videos to guide you through the dancing styles. The app is available on the Android platform.

Hip Hop Dance WithHarlem Shake

If you are an avid hip-hop fan, you can learn the best hip-hop dance moves by watching Harlem shake videos and similar stuff. In this app, the videos are in full HD and don’t cost you a dime.

The app has technical support which improves your learning experience. You also get written and video instructions to help you learn and practice all the moves.Just remember to order mobile covers online to protect your device while you hit those hip-hop moves.The Hip Hop Dance WithHarlem Shakeapp is compatible with Android devices.

Zumba Dance Exercise

Despite the name, Zumba Dance Exercise is both an exercise and dance teaching app. It is a great app to get you started on your Zumba sessions. It includes a feature that helps you choose which way you want to go, exercise or dance.The app has a pool of tutorial videos to help you learn all the moves. It is available on Android. Get mobile covers online to cover your Android device, download the app and get your dance on.

Salsa Rhythm

Salsa is one of the most popular dance forms in the world. There are several dance classes in many places, but with busy schedules, some salsa enthusiasts do not have the time to enroll. Thanks to Salsa Rhythm, the busy dancers can practice at the comfort of their homes.The app helps you learn salsa moves and then practice with a virtual partner.The app is available on iOS.

There are many apps online that will help you impress your friends or pass that dance audition you have been drooling for. You only need to look for the app that teaches the dance form that you would like to learn.

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