The world holds so many interesting things to write about, ranging from culture and traditions to nature and the sciences. Speaking from experience or how diving into uncharted territories can be great topics for essay writing, culture is an interesting topic to write about, most especially when it is a culture different from yours. The scope of culture can range to practices, tradition, food, art, and also dance. Dance is one of the most beautiful forms of art. It utilizes the human body to communicate and express through movement with the accompaniment of music. Almost all cultures have dance incorporated in them.

Let us take square dancing as an example of how you can write my essay for cheap and create essay writing ideas from it:

Explore what square dancing is and its history

Writing an essay about what the art of square dancing is and how it originated is a good way to delve into its history and be able to inform your readers about it.

Square dancing is a combination of both English and African American dances. The word “square” in its name not only pertains to the usual formation, but it also made people socialize and get to dance with one another.

Your experiences with square dancing

Being able to express your firsthand experience with square dancing gives readers, most especially those who have not experienced or watched the dance themselves, an idea on what an individual can experience and feel during the dance.

How square dancing is celebrated

Square dancing has existed for many years because of the people who enjoy it. These people founded the National Square Dance Convention that is existing for more than 65 years now, celebrating the joys of the art. It is a good topic to write how square dancing continues to thrive in modern times and is far from dying out.

Square dancing then and now

Creating an essay comparing how square dancing was during its development and how it has progressed to its present form can show its evolution from different factors such as trends and changing traditions.

Most people associate square dancing with country music and instruments such as fiddles and banjos, but now, square dancing can be associated with other types of music such as modern pop and techno.

How square dancing brings people together

Square dancing is a social function that brings people together. It does not discriminate people of different gender, orientation, or people with disability. It does not frown upon dance partners of the same sex and maintains gender-neutral terms. With today’s evolving times, people are becoming more aware and sensitive to people of the minority and how to become inclusive in all matters. You can write about square dancing and how it defies traditional practices of separating people and bringing them together instead.

Being able to write about square dancing can help inform people about the interesting dance, most especially those who have no knowledge of it or who have never even heard of it. Similar to square dancing, utilizing your writing can help bring people together, most especially people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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