Although the two looks like miles apart, dancing and dating can actually be inter-related and go together. There is a kind of dancing that only involves one person. Let’s just talk about the موقع زواج مجاني بالكامل and kind of dance that involves two people so that we can easily compare and apply it into dating.

If you are not into dancing and are utterly unconvinced of having dance lessons, then you better think twice. Learning how to dance will give you the basic foundation that you will probably need to enjoy the dance floor at parties and social dances. And, when you look at closer angles, you will realize that dancing can also be applied for a relationship between a man and a woman.

From Dancing to Dating

Dancing is often composed of a sequence of complicated steps that are usually repeated or combined and make the two persons involved to move in sync with one another. When it is done for many times, the result will show you coordinated movements that look quite effortless, and when the dance is practice long enough, the result will be more like second nature. You can relate that to dating—when two people are together long enough, they would feel comfortable with each other, like finding a second home.

There are also some lessons that you can learn in dancing and can also be applied when it comes to dating:

  • Lesson 1: You can learn so much coming from the opposite sex.

Probably while you are practicing how to dance or just mere watching a dance lesson, you will notice that some movements are easily achievable for girls but not for boys.

Some dance instructors will teach how the moves would look like and how to give clear signals, but the steps still look unachievable. But, when you ask another dance instructor of the opposite sex about how to do the moves, you suddenly find it easy to do. By this, you can clearly see that both genders have to work together in order to erase the confusion.

The same thing goes to relationships and dating. A man has to listen what a woman has to say. They should listen to the remarks made by their mother, sisters, girlfriend, or wife. When they are given constructive criticisms by the opposite sex, they should accept it fully because it will help them become a better man.

The same goes for a woman. Both genders should accept each other’s flaws and let each other grow so that they will never fall into confusion.

  • Lesson 2: For the Ladies, be free. For the Guys, be brave.

Even when you are out in social dances, you probably experienced seeing someone you wanted to dance but you can’t find the courage to do so. Nothing will happen if you don’t try to be brave once in a while.

For guys, be brave enough. Don’t be afraid of rejection and ask out the girl you like before somebody else has taken the courage to do so. For the ladies, be available. If you are single, you can try to find subtle ways to show a guy that he got your interest. Be creative and help the guy find his courage.

  • Lesson 3: Lead while showing your purpose and follow it with a response.

In a dance, of course, there are different steps. For instance, swing has three leads known as Macho, Measly, and Manly. In a Macho, the pull is quite hard and it looks like the partner would rip her hands. In a Measly, the guy looks like he has no idea what do next and looks confuse and hesitant. While in Manly, the steps send a clear signal, firm, and assertive yet it is also gentle.

Like these leads, guys should show their intentions before making their first move. Is their lead like macho or measly? Are your intentions clear enough and won’t create any confusion? Are you asking the girl for a date or you simply wanted to just hang-out for a while? Set you leads clearly first and then make your response out of it.


Indeed, dancing has a lot of lessons that can be applied to dating. By simply learning and practicing how the steps and moves go, once you go deep on it, you will realize that it is also teaching you something else, especially if it is a dance that involves two people in the opposite sex.

Of course, there are times that the partners have to do some moves alone for quite some time. Nevertheless, they would immediately get back together again until the very last note. This, in turn, shows what a real relationship should be.

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