Every occasion demands a particular dress code, and some are more demanding than the others. You may not realize it, but in your daily life, you pick a dress code even for the smallest activities. For instance, what you wear alone at home is not the same as what you wear for a dinner date, office party or even a family party. In some of the instances, you go an extra mile and throw in custom t shirt printing maybe for a family or group of friends.

Dance classes are one of such situations that require dress codes. Let’s take a quick glance at the appropriate dress codes for different dance classes.

Partner Dancing

Dances such as salsa require coordination with your partner. As such, you need to choose a dress code that allows you to move freely and comfortably. Custom t-shirts matching with your partner is a fantastic choice; you stand out and feel comfortable at the same time. Jeans and dressing are ideal for salsa dancing. Flat shoes are a wise choice for males while females can go for a pair of heels with a height that feels comfortable while you dance.

Tap Dance

Tap dances involve movements more from the knees and downward. Since you want to be as comfortable as possible, shoe choice is the primary concern. Luckily, tap shoes are readily available, and there are a wide range of options for you to choose from depending on how skilled you are as a tap dancer. For beginners, apart from choosing a dress code that you can swiftly move in, wearing a low-heeled shoe is the best option. Tap shoes with a higher heel require a significant amount of strength in your calf muscles to be on your toes for the dance.


Ballet dancing requires coordination. An appropriate dress code for ballet dancing is a tight fitting and breathable fabric. As a beginner, your trainer needs to observe your posture, so choose a clothing that exposes your ankles and tightly fits on your body to show your posture. For starters, you may opt for socks, and as you proceed, take on soft ballet shoes. Moreover, if you’re out of budget, you can use some of your yoga attire such as tight tank tops and yoga socks for your ballet sessions.

Street Dance

This dance style involves a lot of movements wherein every part of your body will be in motion one time or another. The perfect dress code here is buggy clothing that is comfortable. Trainer shoes are the best type of shoes to use for this dance as they allow swift and comfortable movements.


Anything you are comfortable with is good for the Bollywood dance. Your custom t-shirts that allow your hands to move freely can come in handy. For this dance, you can go for leisure trainer shoes or go barefoot. It is all about comfort and free movements.

Dance classes require different movements, postures, and coordination. With each dance class, however, comfort is the top priority. Choosing a dress code that does not put you at ease will not only affect your movements but will also frustrate your learning process. If you are not sure about what outfit best suits your class, consult your dance instructor to ease your shopping quest.

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