If you have a talent for dancing, then you can always start as a freelancer. Contrary to what other people think, freelancing doesn’t always end up in failure. While searching for dancing gigs, you may find opportunities on job search engines like craigslist or personals alternatives. However, looking for dancing jobs needs a lot of digging information.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot of extremely talented dancers who choose to go freelance in order to catch the attention of different directors and artists. Finding gigs are one of the realistic parts of freelancing in this kind of job.

When you decide to go freelance, keep in mind that sometimes you need to expand your network in order to get a gig. Most directors hire dancers that they already know. To make yourself known in this field, you can audition multiple times in the same dance company and show them your progress; inform your friends and colleagues that you are always available for gigs, and attend various workshops and seminars conducted by different choreographers who might find your talent interesting.

Searching for Gigs

If you wish to start a dancing career, then you have to know that it’s not as easy as enrolling into a dance school and getting a job straight on with benefits and salary right after completion. Choosing a dancing career gives you the benefit of creating your own life and the job you want to partake. That is why freelancing works for someone who chooses a dancing career. For as long as he or she perseveres, they will be successful in this line of work.

The following are some suggestions on where to start searching:

Look for Jobs at Job Search Sites

Start your job search on major job search sites like craigslist, as mentioned. Although you may find a lot of opportunities currently available, you can see that there are some which are not ideal enough for you. Before submitting anything on a job offer, make sure to examine the employer thoroughly.

Look Over Arts and Local Dance Association Websites

You may not know that there are actually a number of cities with non-profit organizations that provide classified ads with dance retailer, studio and other job offers. Check if the city you are currently in have such organizations.

Go to where you want to work

Think about where you want to work and search for their website. Upon opening their page, immediately search for a job vacancy. If there is none, you can still pass your materials (like a professional resume, a full-body picture, etc.) to let them know that you are currently looking of a job and are still available.

While the suggestions listed above aren’t really exhaustive like you probably expected, they can actually help you kick start your dancing career. Many people found a number of dance gigs either by using the methods listed above or going through the traditional method like auditioning or entering dance competitions. It wouldn’t hurt if you give it a try.

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