There are a number of professional dancers who admitted to have been into marijuana and CBD oil to step up their performances. It has been the talk of the town since cannabis was used underground. For decades, doctors have warned about the possible effects of combining marijuana and exercise. Does it really impose health risk to a person or will it make life better?

Marijuana as a Medicine

Marijuana has been a potential medicine in treating various health problems. Some components of it like the CBD oil or cannabidiol is used as a treatment for anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Other uses of cannabis can be associated with increased body performance that pushes performers to their limits.

Marijuana on Exercise

Although marijuana and exercise don’t seem to fit, there are many backing evidence that prove using marijuana before doing exercise does help boost endurance and ease pain. While most gym goers use steroids and some supplements to sustain long gym hours, marijuana has been making name as a better alternative. In addition, live performers such as dancers who endure long hours of practice consider the use of marijuana as it provides a “whoa effect” which change the way they perceive things. This effect is caused by the mind-altering compound of cannabis, making the person interpret the sensation of dancing differently.

Marijuana On Dancers’ Performance

Some questions are raised whether smoking marijuana or using CBD oil makes the user “high”. One known compound of cannabis that gives the “high” effect is the Tetrahydrocannabinol which is psychoactive in nature. Once smoked, it will give a sensation to the user that is totally eerie. When it comes to dancing, some said that smoking weed before performing boosts their self-confidence and gives their body a connection to music. This is because marijuana is a mind-changing drug, so it helps dancers experience body movements beating on their own accord, but they’re actually just interpreting the sensation of dancing distinctively.

In addition, marijuana helps improve one’s confidence. This benefits performers as it helps them come out of their comfort zone, allowing them to do something off-grid from what they usually do. Dancers may find it helpful since it gives them the confidence to discover new dance steps to step up their performance.

Marijuana makes a person feel aware of his body. With this, it makes them comfortable to their own body, thereby increasing the ability to feel music and interpret it through dancing. The “whoa effect” of marijuana triggers the mechanism of some neurons which give them the chance to discover something. This effect lets their mind encounter new ways of dancing in different perspectives.

Marijuana’s health benefits continue to rise as some people push the legalization of it for recreational and medicinal purposes. With the many benefits that it gives to people, it’s not surprising to know about its popularity across different countries and across different fields, including the industry of dancing. Before you use marijuana products for your dance exercises and performances, however, make sure it’s legal in your country.

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