Jim and Edythe Weber started the square dance convention in 1986. Neither of them was sure it would last. They were trying it out. By then, Jim was the Liberty Fire Department Chief. Edythe, his wife, kept encouraging them to try square dancing lessons, but it was always hard getting him off the recliner.

Edythe used to attend aerobics, and thus put pressure on Jim to try dancing. Unknown to them, they would once bear a significant position in the annual square dance convention. This June, they are critical actors in helping Kansas to host the convention.

This convention will be their 30th annual square dance convention to hold since they began the dancing classes. Through square dancing, the couple has realized a life-long activity. It is now more of a hobby that has led them to travel all over the country, making precious memories.

Edythe Weber doesn’t regret taking on the dancing classes with her husband. She says it is a great hobby which they both love. They are a significant part of the convention and are helping to plan it for the third time.

During the convention in Kansas City, the expected guests are roughly 3,500. The Weber`s are helping plan out the registration as well as housing chairs for the event. They are working tirelessly to ensure the thousands of foreigners attending the event remain comfortable throughout their stay.

Edythe and Jim also hope to host more than the expected 3,500 guests. The couple expresses their joy and appreciation as the convention is being held in Kansas. They hope that the convention will help nurture talent throughout the state of Kansas since the state records a high number of dancers.

Kansas last held the convention in 1975, twenty-three years later after the previous one was held in Kansas in 1952. Dancers from all the four states in Kansas are playing a part in ensuring the convention goes as planned.

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